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Being again a completely Italian company gave an important boost to the revival and expansion of Sigma. With the goal to align the structure to new market scenes, new young and innovative people with managerial and organizing skills start working in Sigma assuming responsibility roles. After more than 40 years from the beginning of his challenge, Sigma with the same engagement and passion is today composed by a group of people listening carefully to customers. They are constantly stimulated to improving and updating themselves, what has always distinguished Sigma philosophy. Sigma provide solutions for a café bakery to an industrial bakery production unit.


Planetary mixers, refiners, cookers and sheeters suitable for different confectionery activities

Bestmix Planetary mixers with mechanical speed variator
Electric Cooker
Chefmix Planetary mixers with electronic speed variator
Tabletop Dough Sheeter
Cuocicrema Cream cookers with gas burner
Vertical Countertop Sheeter
Dough Sheeter


Spiral mixers, dough sheeters, rounders and cold spreaders: the essential supports for all pizza makers.

Dought Divider - Rounder
Screw Rounder
Sprizza Pizza Rolling
Tauro Spiral Mixer


Spiral mixers, planetary mixers, self-emptying and dipping arms mixers, moulders, rounders, dividers and round-boring machines, lifters for tanks and hoppers: Sigma tools for bakeries of all sizes.

Aeromix Planetary Mixer
Baguette Moulder
Bun Divider
Conical Rounder
Long Loaf Moulder
Powermix Planetary Mixer
Red Line Overturnable Spiral Mixer
Red Line fixed bowl Spiral mixer
Square Divider
Super Premium Mixer with removable bowl
Twin Arm Mixer
Silver Line Spiral Mixer


Automatic mixing and mixing systems designed specifically for the small/medium bakery industry.

Automatized system for dough resting mixing
Direct Line Mix
Feeding Hopper Mix Automated Mixing System
Gold Line Spiral Mixer with bottom discharge
Idromix instantaneous and continuous mixing of powders and liquids
Industrial Dissolving Tank
Industrial Electric Cooker
Industrial Horizontal mixers
Industrial Planetary Cooker
Feeding Hopper
Plant for the production of baguettes and rolled-up bread
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