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Powerful, the Cobra Series of commercial cooking equipment is the solution for those who demand reliability and capability. Simple sophistication shines by combining refined styling with power and versatility. Cobra creates space for the creativity to fuse ethnic influences with firm favourites to keep pace with the ever-change restaurant business.

Whether it’s a la carte dining in a sleek contemporary restaurant, fusion, Asian inspired dining, an edgy urban cafe, food trucks or any takeaway eatery – Cobra provides functionality and flexibility in your line-up.

Gas Griddle Static
Oven model CR6B
Gas Pasta Cooker
model CP4
Gas Range ,Griddle - Static Oven model CR9C
Gas Range – Griddle
600mm model C6C

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Gas Range
600mm model C6D
Gas Range 900 mm
Static Oven model CR9D
Gas Range Griddle
Static Oven model CR6C
Gas Range Static
Oven model CR6D
Gas Salamander
900mm model CS9
Gas Stock Pot
600mm model CSP6
Gas Wok Double
1200mm model CW2H
Gas Wok Single
600mm model CW1H
Gas Wok Triple
1800mm model CW3H
Infill Bench
600mm model C600
Infill Bench
900mm model C900
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