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The new Blue Seal Evolution Series is the next stage in a journey of continuous improvement. Sleeker in design, and built to accommodate the demands of today’s most passionate chefs, it promises even more performance than anything before it. The Blue Seal Evolution Series is the culmination of a process in which the Blue Seal range has been completely redesigned. The result is an expanded, more functional range of equipment offering more configuration options and blistering performance. Improved streamlining creates a continuous workspace when units are placed in a line-up, while the 812mm of depth gives plenty of cooking area, even when you are forced to push culinary frontiers from the confines of a small kitchen.

Gas Burner - Griddle 900mm -Leg Stand model G516C-LS-LH
Gas Burner Range with Static Oven 600mm model G504D
Gas Griddle 900mm -Leg Stand model G516A-LS
Gas Burner - Griddle with Refrigerator 900 mm model G516B-RB
Gas Chargrill 600mm -Leg Stand model G594-LS
Gas Griddle 900mm with Refrigerator model G516A-RB
Gas Burner Range 600mm -Leg Stand model G514C LS
Gas Chargrill 900mm- Leg Stand model G596-LS-LH
Gas Griddle with Static Oven 900mm model G506A-ZZ
Gas Burner Range 900mm-Leg Stand model G518D-LS
Gas Griddle 600mm -Leg Stand model G514B-LS
Gas Infra Red Fryer 3 Basket model GT60
Gas Infra Red Fryer Single Tank model GT45
Gas Infra Red Fryer Twin Tank Digital model GT46E
Gas Pasta Cooker 450mm model G47
Gas Salamander 900mm model G91

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Gas Target Top 900mm -Leg Stand model G57-LS-LH
Gas Tilting Bratt Pan 80 Lts model G580-8
Gas Tilting Bratt Pan 120 Lts model G580-12
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